TekCollect Innovative Accounts Receivable Management

TekCollect has partnered with the The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants to provide members with discounted, fully automated accounts receivable management and collection services. It’s our pleasure to serve you!

Our custom programs are economical, effective and easy to integrate into your current accounts receivable practices. We’ll help you streamline internal efforts, limit and control delinquencies, and improve positive cash flow going forward. Our Internet-based approach offers you optimum convenience, efficiency and control. And our non-alienating strategies ensure the preservation of your customer relationships.

TekCollect provides the propane industry with the highest recovery ratios in the marketplace. And results are guaranteed.

Case Studies
Case Study
TekCollect partners with a $1.7-billion bank holding company to streamline accounts receivable operations and recover an average 40% of their accounts.
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