Low Fixed Fee High Collectability

If you’ve employed traditional collection agencies, you know they charge between 33 and 50%. That not only negates your profit margin, but also encourages you to hold onto accounts to avoid the high fees. In so doing, your accounts age making them less collectable and a vicious cycle is created.

TekCollect breaks the cycle. We employ a fixed fee of typically less than 5%. You place accounts early, when they are most collectable, utilizing our convenient and secure web-based program. There are no high fees, and we generate optimum results at the lowest risk of customer alienation.

It’s that simple. TekCollect serves as an extension of your staff, enabling you to concentrate on the 30-60 day slow-pays. With this innovative yet easy approach, we can prevent over 75% of your accounts from ever becoming 90 days delinquent.

Case Studies
Case Study
TekCollect maintains a 96% annual recovery ratio for one of the nation’s largest pest control companies.
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